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Mineral Block Products from Uniblok Canada

5:5 Beef Cattle Mineral Supplement Blocks-a popular block with summertime pasture.

8:8 Beef Cattle Mineral Supplement Blocks-a low salt content block, used when protein supplement is not required.

10:5 Beef Cattle Mineral Blocks-a low intake mineral block designed to be used with a high straw and barley ration

Key Benefits

  • Provides essential macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins for Beef Cattle.
  • If protein is not a concern Uniblok beef cattle mineral blocks have higher levels of trace minerals and vitamins.
  • No animal by- products in any Uniblok products.
  • A mineral block form that is both palatable and weather resistant.
  • Convenience and ease of handling.



Uniblok Canada – maker of horse blocks, sheep blocks, cattle blocks and mineral and supplements. Our products are used across the Canadian prairies | UniBlokCanada.com

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